Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I've been TERMINATED!!!

as a sheltered kid, there were certain things i was barred from. smurfs, he-man, rambo, anything that occurred past 9pm,  pg13 and r rated movies, etc. being barred from these things only made me more curious. 

i found myself daydreaming about being rambo's sidekick. i frequently organized round table discussions about freddy kruger, just to hear what i was missing.  

all this to say that i finally satisfied a desire that laid dormant since the 1980's. i finally saw the Terminator. it was amazing! despite bad special effects, cheesy violence, and ostentatious one-liners, the story gripped me instantly. 

i can see how cyborgs sent back from a nuclear war torn future might be a little heavy for a 7 year-old, but for a 28 year-old man....just right!