Friday, January 30, 2009

there is a fine line between green and jaded....

actually, the line is pretty thick, but somehow without realizing it i've managed to ford my way across to the dark side. in a certain light it looks like my band still has opportunities to hit that breakthrough we've worked and sacrificed so hard for these last eight years. but in many more lights any hope of making a living doing this seems futile. there was a time when a record label would express the smallest hint of interest, and we would flip our lids to do whatever we could to see it through. nowadays, those interests are met with laughter and yawns. you would need jumper cables to get our hopes up again.

despite all of this, i spend a lot of time thinking about where the band has taken me. we have been to four different continents, traveled across america several times over, met some weird and interesting people, seen some unbelievable stuff, and been on loads of adventures. much of it was a blur. and there are many more to come. possibly another few trips to europe...maybe a trip to brazil.

salim nourallah has this quote that i think is one of his best lyrics. he says "youth is a prank...." i look back at myself when radiant were at our peak, and i think "what an ungrateful idiot." we were being met all these amazing opportunities and i was never satisfied. we would take one big step and my focus would immediately shift to the next one.
i wonder if it's too late to get back to the other side of that line. in the meantime, i am working on that living in the moment thing.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

sometimes i beat the weekend

...but this time the weekend beat me.

my band radiant had a concert on friday night at the granada theater, and i played drums in the support band as well. it was pretty tiring with no help from my friend johnny walker. the next day and night destroyed me. we drove to play a less than stellar show in stillwater, oklahoma. dragan and i left immediately and drove through the night to get back for our church gigs. 

i spent most of the day trying to come down from various caffeine rushes, but it was actually pretty fun because julie and i just sat around watching the bob dylan documentary "no direction home."

i am also beginning to try my hand at the culinary arts, which was more miss than hit today but more on this later.

don't judge my grammar mistakes too harshly. i'm on 1 hour of sleep.
zoom out

Thursday, January 22, 2009

wii tennis champion

one of my favorite movie quotes comes from a scene in mr. deeds when the guy stands up and says that as a little boy he wanted to be a ping pong champion. well, that's how i feel right now. i've just spent the last 2 hours destroying the computer in wii tennis (including a short break to calmly but assertively confront a guy from sprint).

i am just realizing how boring my day has been so far.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i have channeled the inner blogger

and he doesn't have a whole lot to say.

recently, due to the series of twists and turns my life has taken, the opportunity has presented itself to me to start writing again. despite my understanding of computers being limited to checking my email (i even have a hard time with that) i manuvered my way through the blogspot sign-up process and here i am.

i checked the availablity of the names "disastronaut," "technicolor," "splitting atoms," and i'm still on the fence about "year of holidays," but i think "i hope you win" is pretty good too.
assignment america: tell me whether this blog should be called "i hope you win," or "year of holidays."

so far i've given you the play by play of the blogspot sign-up process....riveting stuff i's a little tid bit to start this blog off right.

since the last time i blogged (you can see my previous ramblings over at, i have:
1. gotten married
2. turned 28

that's it...2 things that i can think of right now. i'll catch up with you guys at the next post.