Wednesday, March 17, 2010

drums for sale

hey guys, got a few drum items for sale. check em out.

set of 14" new beat hi hats. these are excellent hi hats for rock. very crisp and dark. no keyholing. good condition. I'm asking $75 for the pair.

22" ride. i love this ride, i'm just ready to move to a darker sound. very crisp and heavy. i really hate to part with it. 1 year old. no keyholing. just a little wear.
asking $150

snare. this is a 1966 ludwig supra-phonic 5"x14"(date stamped on inside). rough shape. lots of pitting as you can see, and a little rust. matches my 1966 kit, but no match for my black beauty! still sturdy and sounds great!
asking $100

1970's ludwig 6.5"x14" vistalite (smoke) supersensitive snare drum. super rare. there is a small bb-sized chip on the resonant side bearing edge. other than that, great condition and beautiful drum.
asking $400

don't like the prices? make me an offer