Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Carless in Dallas: The Heat Is On

Being outside feels like hugging this
Just when I got my mind set on going carless, something frustrating happened. My brother called me and mentioned that he would be gone on tour for a few weeks this summer, and that if we wanted, we could borrow his car while he's gone. I mentioned it to Julie and said that we don't really have to take him up on it if we don't want to. She said, "Yes, take it! Now!"

Those are the words of a woman who has already grown tired of walking a mile in the heat everyday to pick Nigel up from school. Honestly, the car was a blessing, and we view it as God's provision for us in his bizarre, inexplicable way. God is like that, I think, and I don't know why. However, that was over a week ago. In that time, the temperature has risen over 100 degrees, and I find myself wondering: how sweaty is too sweaty?

When I'm on my bike in the afternoon, there's no cooling breeze anymore. Instead, gusts of hot air lick my arms and face.

Thankfully, another friend, Toby, read this here blog and has volunteered his car for most of July and all of August while he's on tour. It looks like we're going to get through this thing without having to sweat it out too terribly thanks to the kindness of my bro and friends like Toby, who is a good guy. 

God's better though.

And as my family walks through this tough time of saving cash before we buy a new car, instead of getting into debt over it, I feel God's providence. It just feels like we're in the right place, in the pocket, in the groove. Even on those blazing walks. Even when I have a near death experience trying to bring home groceries on my scooter. Even when we're making those groceries stretch further than they've ever stretched before.

We're already about a third of the way there.

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